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ONE Style Describe Éminence Products as Skin Food

April 30, 2012

ONE Style People often tell us that our products smell good enough to eat. With natural, organic and wholesome ingredients, we understand the temptation (especially when it comes to our Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque which could fool anyone into thinking it's a decadent dessert). While they aren't suggesting that you chow down on our skin care products, ONE Style Magazine describes our Sour Cherry Whip Moisturizer and Apricot Body Oil as "skin food; products that use food as ingredients that your skin will thank you for". So go ahead, dive into any of our rich moisturizers, masques and body oils for a little calorie-free indulgence.

BC Living features Éminence!

January 02, 2014


BC Living Magazine wants to help you get the best possible skin this winter. They tried and tested numerous skin care products in order to put together their list of nourishing picks for your face and body.

They say, "switching up your beauty regimen in the winter is a must if you want your skin to remain healthy and happy. Between the cold windy climate outside, and the warm, dry environment inside, your skin is probably feeling and looking stressed."

"[Masques] are especially helpful at tending to winter skincare woes." says author Catherine Tse. "Whether you have thirsty, dehydrated skin, or inflamed, angry skin, there’s a masque out there that can help." They pick our Red Currant Rapid Infusion Masque, our Hibiscus Calendula Hydrating Masque and our Pumpkin Latte Hydrating Masque as great options.

Serums are also amazing winter-time treatments since they give your skin an extra boost. The magazine loves our Couperose-C Serum because it's "particularly good for sensitive and intolerant skin, especially those with rosacea or other conditions that cause skin to flush". Rosehip oil contributes antioxidants and Vitamin C; lavender heals dry skin; and alpha-lipoic acid helps with skin’s texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.